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The Noren market in central Naha is a vegetable market with a distinct character not to be found in any other place around Japan. It rather resembles the markets of south east Asian countries such as Vietnam or Philippines.

Founded after second world war as a substitute for the former market that was within the part of Naha occupied by the American army, it actually isn't a place with a long history. Though within contemporary Naha it is one of few places that still preserves a unique Okinawan atmosphere that is about to be extinct by recent Okinawan urban development.

Noren, once the thriving central vegetable market for the whole main island of Okinawa, now has lost a lot of its energy and vitality. Due to changes in lifestyle, especially the dominance of individual car transport, Noren has become a rather dormant market that mainly serves elderly people that remain living in the direct neighborhood of the market.

One of the main tasks of the wanakio activities is to start a broad discussion on how contemporary urban culture can support the creation of a livable, sustainable and “rich” urban future environment that respects local cultural and natural conditions. The wanakio organization committee strongly opposes current redevelopment plans for the Noren market area as they will repeat mistakes in urban development that we can observe all over Japan, creating an uninspired, ugly, ecologically unbalanced living environment that completely denies the value of existant local culture.

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Noren Exhibition

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"Shashin Ichiba" November 2001

A concentrated seminar of the art education faculty at the University of the Ryukyus. Regional revitalization project featuring an art exhibition inside the Noren market in Naha.

Seminar tutor: Katsuhito Nakazato

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