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wanakio 2002 was a collaboration project of artists, art curators, architects, town planners, inhabitants and local authorities aiming at revitalizing Okinawa's contemporary urban culture. Starting from a careful reading of the urban and social environment art and design projects are created in a direct interaction and communication process from within the urban reality.

The results of this process are presented in the wanakio urban exhibition from November 23rd through December 8th 2002 in Naha's Noren market and Maejima 3 Chome.

The program below gives an overview of the various activities that took place during the wankio event.

_urban exhibition
november 23rd (sat.) - december 8th (sun.)
Noren market 10:00-20:00 ... >> see slides
Maejima 3Chome 12:00-22:00 ... >> see slides
_opening event
november 23rd (sat.) 19:00-23:00 ... >> see slides
Maejima Art Center 4th floor event hall
program: short cuts from the wanakio exhibition, short movies, dance, performance, etc
_Naha town walk
(re)discover central Naha with the okinawan architect Joshikazu Makishi
november 24 (sun.) 13:00 start from Noren market ... >> see slides

_Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba Artists talk

Lecture and artist talk with the Yokohama Triennale artist Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba
november 24 (sun.) 17:30-19:30 Maejima Art Center ... >> see slides
_children art workshops
Noren market
[Noren Shiritori] Nov. 23 (sat.) 9:00 ... >> see slides
[Otsukaiarisan] Nov. 30 (sat.) 9:00
[Kaeko Bazar] Dec. 7 (sat.) 13:00 ... >> see slides
Maejima3Chome Kitajidokoen
[Sumi to Asobu] Nov. 30 (sat.) 10:00 ... >> see slides
[Maejima salt project] Nov. 30 (sat.) 9:00
[Kaeko Bazar] Dec. 8 (sun.) 13:00 ...

_[Creative Naha] Symposium

lectures and discussion on contemporary culture, art and urban revitalization
November 29 (fri) 18:00-21:00 Noren market ... >> see slides
Panelist/lecturer: Makishi, Emiko Kato, Titus Spree, Jun Miyagi and others
coordinator: Ritsuko Sakiyama

_International Kitchen Workshop

cooking, chatting and learning about the food and culture from various countries ...a slow food event in Noren market
December 7 (sat) from 14:00 Noren market ... >> see slides
_moving collection
"micro" art works from 12 international artists ... >> see slides
December 7 (sat) 11:00-20:00 Noren market
December 8 (sun) 12:00-24:00 Maejima Art Center
_related events
O.Z.E (Origin enterprize) Little Box.1
[Play ! Play ! ! Play ! ! ! ] November 24 (sun)/25 (mon)
stages at 15:00 and 19:30 (entrance 30min. )
Tickets advance sale: 1500 Yen, evening: 1800 Yen
D.R.O.P 2002 Grand Champion Dance competition
December 1 (start 17:00)
Tickets advance sale: 2500 Yen, evening: 3500 Yen
Both events: Maejima Art Center 4th floor event hall
>> wanakio video at http://www.chample.tv
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