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Wanakio is back!
Transcending the borders of Naha city, this year's wanakio floods all Okinawa!

From Nov.15th until Nov. 30th 2008, international artists will work on and in Okinawa as topic and actual space, by preparing exhibitions, holding life events, cooking workshops and seminars.
Hundreds of islands, 20 international artist groups, and countless ways to express "Okinawa" in a contemporary artistic way.  

Be sure not to miss it.

◆ An exhibition FOR , INSIDE and ON the Okinawan community.
As a highly interactive concept, people are asked to participate in the workshops, and through this become aware of the okinawan context, identity and landscape. The artists produce their works within the exchange and communication with the local community and make them rethink their own enviroment. There's a change coming to the city.
◆Working on the local community and culture from an international point of view, it is the main aim to support and re-think today's complex society, pointing out mutual possibilities and challenges.
◆The artists are invited to choose local sites for their works and stay there for the process of the creation. This way they embrace their surrounding while the works mirror their relation to the local community and ambience.

what: wanakio2008 art in the city
when: November 15th 2008(sat) - November 30th 2008(sun)
where: Wanakio Headquarter: Okinawa jikan bijutsukan, inside Sakaemachi market square,
Naha-city (Okinawa-ken Nahashi asato no.385
     Okinawa-city gintengai, Park avenue/Nanjo-city Chinen, Sashiki
Kitanakagusuku-son, Ogido/Higashi-son, Fukuji damu/Naha-city, Makishi/ Everywhere in the city。
who: Wanakio executive comittee (Administration: Maejima Art Center, official NPO)
Support: Fukutake Foundation for the Promotion of Regional Culture, Japan Foundation
Co-Sponsor: Shiseido corp.
Sponsorship: Asahi Beer
Further Support: Okinawa Pref, City of Naha, City of Okinawa, Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education, Naha City Board of Education, Naha Junior Chamber, Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo, Okinawa Cable Network Inc, Okinawa Broadcasting ltd, Ryukyu Broadcasting Corp, Ryukyu Asahi TV, NHK Okinawa, Taifu FM, Radio Okinawa, FM Koza, FM Rekio, Sakaemachi Ichiba
Entrance fee: free entry (some workshops charge a fee) 

■wanakio2008 associated project  
Art Autonomy Network [AAN] (Yokohama)/Art lecture of Sangosha Sukore (Naha・ School NPO) Nishi no Kai (Alternative Peace Guide)/ Henoko・Moyai project (Nago・Henoko)
Kotokotodo (Naha・Miyagi Miki)

■related events
「wanakio2008 trans-academy] : June 19th 2008~ December 31th 2008
 wanakio2008 is a project built onto two main columns:
-an education program, which focusses on the process of creation, ignoring age and genres
- organization of exhibtion projects (Art in the city)
"trans-academy" has been successfully organizing city strolls, artist talks, workshops, seminars and symposia for years and is in many ways linked to "art in the city". 






Saturday, November 29th
◆3pm and 7pm
Tsuha Yamazato's
"moshi moshi kansho-san" performance
Makishi kaijo, Naha
◆Kei Kobashigawa and Teppei Togase's *Ogido shell heap re-excavation research 08* talk session
Kitanakagusuku-son, Ogido
City stroll - Nishi no kai
meeting point in front of the Riubo Sakaemachi
◆Florian Baron's Film presentation
Noren market square, Naha
◆wanakio bus tour
to the art works of the northern parts
◆7pm - 12pm
wanakio bar *Single Malt Tasting Bar*
Okinawa Jikan Bijutsukan inside Sakaemachi market square
◆4pm - 6pm
Kanimega's Sendagusa Grass workshop
park ruins in front of Makibi jijikai, Naha

Sunday, November 30th
city stroll *Wakasa doudoumeguru*
Meeting point: Nami no Ue Shrine
◆ 14pm
*Miki Miyagi's Okinawa Gallery Tour*
Meeting point: Gotokotodo, Naha
Florian Baron's Film presentation
Noren market square, Naha
wanakio closing party
8onpas, Asato (backside of Hotel Royal Orion)

wanakio 2008 participating artists slide show

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