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We're currently searching for volunteers, who'd like to support the artists and are interested in participating in any creative process during wanakio2008.
Because any help and action is needed, we can't say what a kind of abillity is necessary to become a tiikashi. Everybody just tries to do, whatever he or she is best at.
So if you wanna be a part of the tiikashi (volunteer) staff we'd be happy to hear from you.

July〜November 2008
(differing support activities. contact us and we'll find out where your help is wanted)

【we recruit】
core staff:5〜10
common staff:40〜50

●what should a tiikashi feature?:
1.Interest in art。
2.If you wanna support foreign artists you should speak some english
3.Interest in editing or internet related activities。
4.People who love to write articles
6.People who love photography。
7.People who love to organize events
8.I don't have a clue about art, but I'd like to meet some interesting people。

・Through art, we come to understand our enviroment in a deeper way.
・You meet people from several countries working in different fields.
・You have the chance to participate in a contemporary creative project.

●what kinda support is needed?
・publicity activities
・documentation on film and photography
・web edition
・artist's support
・preparation of the project sites
・every kind of event support
・transport of the art works
・article writing
・obtaining possible project site's information
 and much more



volunteer registration form

tiikashi flyer PDF

tiikashi registration form PDF

office:Maejima Art Center
TEL/FAX : 098-885-9371

for inquiries in english please contact 080-3374-8558

e-mail :


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