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a trans-disciplinary project that deals with Okinawa's contemporary reality and the topic of the transformation of local culture and urban environment triggered by globalization and the ubiquitous process of modernization.
Artists, art curators, architects, town planners, inhabitants and local authorities collaborate in order to revitalize Okinawa's contemporary urban culture. The title "wanakio" results from reading the Japanese"Hiragana" syllabary of "O_ki_na_wa" vice versa and gives a hint to the wanakio strategy of redefinition of the existing qualities. Starting from a careful reading of the urban and social environment art and design projects are created in a direct interaction and communication process from within the urban reality. More on the wanakio context ...

Wanakio took place in 2002, 2003, and 2005 (see the respective sections for more information) and wanakio 2008 is on from November 15th through 30th. See the wanakio 2008 section for more information about artists, events and locations.

The opening party took place on November 15th in the Sakaemchi market.

The wanakio organizing committee
directors: Jun Miyagi, Titus Spree


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Noren Exhibition
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> wanakio context: from O-ki-na-wa to wa-na-ki-O ... an essay on Okinawa and wanakio's background by Titus Spree

> Maejima Art Center ... the Non-for-Profit organization behind wanakio (japanese only web site, opens in a new window)

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